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It's a dirty job....but somebody's got to "doo" it !!!

Welcome and thank you for visiting "on doodie" !

We are a locally family owned business here in guilford ct. 06437, to help you, with the job no one want's to "doo" !

Let us turn your precious time into FREE time , to enjoy life "Doodie Free" ! 

Why Scoop the Poop? ...It is actually a serious health and environmental concern.

Dog waste (if left unattended) can contain: ecoli, parvovirus, whipworm, , roundworm, threadworm, campylobacterosis, and giardia . These parasites can contaminate water, soil, and even cause infection in our 4 legged family and their guardians, especially children.

We recommend weekly or bi-weekly visits to provide you with protection against disease and land contamination for you and your family!

Do you know what this is ?!?!?

It is called cutaneous larva migrants, and it occurs when humans become infected with hookworms. Humans, especially children get hookworm from touching dog or cat feces .....then putting their hands in their mouths!!! This can happen while playing in YOUR yard !!! You can also get this by walking barefoot through dirt or sand, where poop has been left behind. The larve can penetrate bare please keep in mind to Always have your yard and play area free from poop !!!

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